Stabilizing Wall

Why do a Stabilizing Wall?

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Stabilizing Wall Repairs

Is your foundation wall buckled or bulged allowing water in through the wall into your home?

We do a “Complete Fix” vs. a “Band-Aid Fix” stopping the water pressure, straightening and stabilizing the foundation wall. We will regain the structural integrity of your foundation.

We brace, excavate and then straighten the wall. We pour a secondary wall using rebar to tie the walls together, install new drain-tile and gravel at the footer and waterproof the seams. Window wells and window well drains are installed. Area is then backfilled.


Thank you for a job well done. everything went so well and your price was great too!  Thank you all so much.  Everyone was so nice, polite, and respectful.

Jinny, Delhi, Ohio

Waterproofing Inside

Excellent, courteous, skilled, and reliable people to work with (both field and those in the office.) I’d recommend Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters to anyone!

Robert, Madeira, Ohio

Waterproof Inside

Very excellent. Everything was cleaned up. You could have put a sign in my front lawn.  You have excellent workers~keep them!

Helen, Cheviot, Ohio

Waterproof Inside

We couldn’t be happier or more impressed with the quality of work and how quickly they got the job done. Thank you so much!

Sandy, Crestview Hills, Kentucky

Waterproof Inside

Great job by tom and his crew; despite the dreadful weather.

Linda, Cheviot, Ohio

Waterproofing Outside

Great job! The three service technicians were very prompt, polite, informative, and very professional.  Tom was the foreman.  I was very much appreciative for their expertise.

Fred, Anderson Township, Ohio

Waterproofing Outside

The crew was extremely courteous and professional.

Steve, Hyde Park, Ohio

Waterproofing Inside

Nice, clean finish. The job was done in a timely manner. Very professional.

Trudy, Bridgetown, Ohio

Waterproof Crack

We are business people too, and we will refer your company.

Russell, Western Hills, Ohio

Downspout Runoffs

The crew was very friendly and courteous. They worked at a good pace and left the area clean.

Rosemary, Milford, Ohio

Drains Installed in Yard

Everyone was wonderful.  Will recommend.

Virginia, Erlanger, Kentucky

Waterproofing Inside

Foreman gave thorough explanation of new equipment and procedures.

Monica, Mason, Ohio

Sump pump and battery backup installation

Doug was extremely accommodating to get a team present on short notice. The team showed up and finished on time. overall cleanliness was acceptable. This enabled the cooling contractor team quick access.

Lorraine, Springdale, Ohio

Waterproof Crack

The foreman answered all my questions very well.

Carmen, Bridgetown, Ohio

Waterproof Crack

Very knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Very professional. Did a great job.

Mary, Delhi, Ohio

Waterproofing Inside, Channel drains installed

We were very pleased with the work that was done.

Cathi, Anderson Twp, Ohio

Waterproofing Inside