3 Signs You Have a Leaking Basement

What once looked like a small crack in your basement wall may now be lined with tiny specks of moisture. While this early indication of a leaking basement may be easy to ignore, it can turn into a bigger problem if not addressed in time. To help you counter this situation effectively, Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters suggests watching out for more obvious signs and getting timely basement waterproofing services. The Cincinnati, OH-based company has been the most trusted name in waterproofing basements for almost 70 years.

The professionals at Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters highlight these telltale indications of a leaking basement to get the issue fixed without delay:

Water Stains: No matter its size, a continuous stream of water from a tiny crevice can leave unsightly water marks on your basement’s floors and walls. The spots on your wall are indicative that moisture seeped in through a crack in your home’s foundation. This can happen, especially if there are preexisting grading issues, which get compounded by higher moisture levels during rainy weather.

  • Mold Growth: The appearance of mold is one of the most alarming symptoms basement leaks. Since mold thrives in moisture, its onset means your basement’s water level is high enough to become a breeding ground for fungal growth. Whether it’s green, black, or any other shade, mold sighting warrants thorough repair work for your leaking basement on top of professional mold removal services.
  • Cracking Walls & Floors: They may begin as minor breakages, but prolonged exposure to water can widen the gaps in your floors and foundation walls considerably. The most effective way of nipping this problem in the bud is to consult Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters right from the time you start noticing these cracks. Fixing them earlier is definitely more cost-effective than fixing the havoc they wreak if left unaddressed.

The most effective way to fix a leaking basement is to address the visible signs early. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of waterproofing basements, Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters can save your home’s foundation from any major disaster. For further information about their basement waterproofing services in Cincinnati, call (513) 598-2800.